Julia painting

Every so often, over a period of a couple of months, I make a weekly visit to the National Gallery in London in order to paint a copy of one of the Masters so that I can study their technique in depth. This photo shows the underpainting I made for my copy of the portrait of Gerolamo by Titian. You can see some of my other copies below. They include (in the order below):

Titian : Portrait of Gerolamo
Van Dyck : Cornelius Van der Geest
Rembrandt : Self portrait at age 63
Velazquez : Archbishop Fernando de Valdes
Corregio : Venus with Mercury and Cupid, or the School of love
Rembrandt : An Elderly Man as St Paul
Rubens : the back of Paris from his painting of the Judgement of Paris
Follower of Rembrandt: An old man in an armchair

At the bottom of the page you can see in a series of six photos how the painting I did of Van Dyck's portrait of Cornelius Van de Geest developed from a brown and white underpainting, through the addition of colour at various stages to the finished picture. Thank you to Terry Francis for taking these pictures.

./NationalGallery/Water2.jpg ./NationalGallery/Water21.jpg

./NationalGallery/Water3.jpg ./NationalGallery/Water4.jpg

./NationalGallery/Water5.jpg ./NationalGallery/Water7.jpg

./NationalGallery/Water9.jpg ./NationalGallery/Water91.jpg

Six pictures illustrating showing the development of my painting copying Van Dyck's Cornelius Van der Geest
Cornelius 1 Cornelius 2

Cornelius 3 Cornelius 4

Cornelius 5 Cornelius 6